"Verba volant, scripta manent"
Spoken words fly away, written words remain

Maritime Law

Law of the Sea; It is the sub-branch of international relations that deals with the legal problems that arise in the use of sea and ocean waters. In addition, the sharing of seas and oceans between states, all activities there and crimes committed on the sea and ocean are within the scope of the law of the sea. Adnan Gul Attorney and Law Firm provides consultancy services on all kinds of maritime law matters.

  • Charter party preparation and disputes
  • Legal opinion on type charter/lot and bill of lading
  • Ship arrest and rescue the imprisoned ship
  • Lawsuits arising from miscellaneous receivables related to the Law of the Sea
  • Damage, loss and loss of cargo
  • Conflict, help and rescue
  • General average
  • Exercising the right of pledge on the ship and on the cargo
  • Registration and withdrawal from the ship registry, mortgage facility