"Verba volant, scripta manent"
Spoken words fly away, written words remain

Athlete and Sports Law

The legality of tortious acts occurring in sports competitions is tried to be evaluated in terms of criminal law and private law. In the framework of Criminal Law, the acts in question are evaluated within the scope of compliance with the law. Because it should be taken into account that the damages that occur in sports activities are not intentional, but negligent. In addition, sport is protected against the state as a fundamental right in the articles 17, 42, 48, 49, 59 of the 1982 constitution, and it is within the scope of Article 23 of the MK in Civil Law. Adnan Gul Attorney and Law Firm also provides legal consultancy services on license and transfer agreements of athletes through federations.

  • Providing legal consultancy services to federations
  • Sports arbitration (CAS)
  • Transactions, objections and remedies for federation decisions and practices
  • Arbitration board cases
  • Athlete contracts, lawsuits regarding the follow-up and collection of athlete receivables